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Doctor's Desk

Avoid the wait,

our nurse practitioner

Tracy Ouellet will see you quickly to treat your health problems. 

Tracy Ouellet

nurse practitioner

Born in Edmundston, NB, Tracy began her career

as a nurse at the age of 21 and practices primarily in the emergency department.


She specializes and becomes a nurse practitioner in 2012.


Tracy is recognized for her passion, her ability to listen, her availability and her desire to help her patients. He flair and business drive led her to found the PRO ACCESS Care clinic in 2017 in order to make a real difference in her community.


She added the medico-aesthetic component in 2018.

Doctor's Desk

At Soins Pro Access Care, you will find first-line care and specialized health services. We offer emergency medical consultations with or without an appointment without annual fees or file opening fees.

We offer medical aesthetic treatments for men and women.

The treatments are personalized and adapted to your needs, since each person is unique.

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