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Revolutionary treatment for incontinence

The only non-invasive treatment approved by Health Canada and the FDA which offers a 'Walk-in/Walk-out' procedure

Research has shown that 95% of treated patients reported a major improvement in their quality of life.


BTL EMSELLA is the dream option for women and men of all ages who want to solve their urinary incontinence problem and improve their quality of life. Treatments usually last 30 minutes and you will need approximately 6 treatments at intervals of two per week. 

emsella - incontinence - fuite urinaire
Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa

Medical care

Minor surgery

Only lasts a few minutes. It is usually done in local or topical anesthesia with little risk of complication.

We treat: abscesses, moles, skin tags, cyst, ingrown nails, minor cuts and others.

Cryotherapy (nitrogen)



Health and travel vaccination

Health check and treatment

Women's health


Contraception, IUD removal, PAP test etc.


Men's health


Infant and child health


Medical care

  • Management of chronic diseases and acute diseases;

  • Ear cleaning;

  • assessment, teaching and monitoring of blood sugar and blood pressure;

  • Wound care and dressings

  • Medical botox 

Medical cannabis

We offer prescription service as well as education for the use of CBD and THC products. These products can be used for several conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and more.


Nurse practitioner Tracy Ouellet will make your prescription based on your health status and your future goals. Thereafter, Mike Ouellet, medical cannabinoid educator, will set up your treatment plan according to your needs.


We have an excellent program offered for our veterans, former veterans as well as different categories of the general population with our product suppliers.

Soins médicaux
cannabis médical
Foot Massage

Foot care

Medical care

  • Onychomycosis Treatment,

  • Plantar Fasciitis,

  • ingrown nails,

  • Plantar wart

Business service

  • pre-employment medical examination

  • TSNB/Worksafe

  • forms



Specialized medical care :

  • minor surgery

  • infiltration

  • cryotherapy

Comprehensive nursing care:

  • vaccination

  • blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring.

Document with Pen
Massage Therapy

Sclerotherapy (varicose vein)

Assessment and treatment

Sclerotherapy is a  treatment of varicose veins  which consists in eliminating the blood vessels linked to the varicose vein (varicose vessels) as well as the varicose vein itself.

You must make an appointment for a medical evaluation to determine with the help of a Doppler and a vein lite if we can treat your varicose veins or if you need to undergo surgery.

Sigvaris compression stockings

Prescription and measurement of compression stockings.

Compression stockings compress the calf muscle to help push blood to the heart more efficiently for clients with venous insufficiency.

This will reduce blood pooling in the lower leg and reduce pressure in the venous system to slow the progression of the disease.

Psychological health

At your service.


Data input

  • insurance

  • driver's license

  • lawyer

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